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    The DS100 stages are part of our new generation stage systems. Built to the same exacting standards as the DS60 stage the DS100 stages are ‘best in class’. The DS100 is an ultra strong heavy duty stage that uses the best quality build materials throughout, all of which conform to the highest health and safety standards.

    The DS100 stage is a large stage and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor concerts and festivals as well as other large scale events. The stage area is 10m wide x 8m deep with PA wings that can stack or fly. The overall frontage of the stage, with PA wings, is 16m. Although, as with the DS60, the width of the stage can be reduced, without compromising on stage quality, by using narrower PA wings that reduces the frontage to just 12m. All our new generation stages are also fitted with hydraulic legs, so if your event space has uneven ground the stage can be easily adjusted to ensure the platform is dead level.

    All our stage systems have the ability to be branded according to your specific requirements and the DS100 is no exception; you can brand the stage as little or as much as you like. Further improvements are currently being made to the branding areas of the DS100 stage, which will include the new roof branding option, which will provide you with the ultimate in branding opportunities.

    The DS100 stage comes with lots of extras as standard, which includes two entrances/exits for ease of performance, a full heavy duty trussing system also white work lights on the main stage area.

    DS100 The Standard Package

    We’ve put together a comprehensive package that will be suitable for most events, to help your decision making easier. However, don’t forget you can add to your package by selecting from our range of options.

    • Set up & breakdown by fully trained Daytona personnel
    • 3m wide integrated PA wings, with handrails to back and side
    • Scrim mountings to front of PA wing
    • Optional flying points for Line Array, will carry up to 750kgs each side (no extra charge)(special request)
    • Two sets of steps including handrails to backstage area, located stage left and stage right
    • Covered area for artists entrance
    • Full heavy duty truss system on main stage
    • 10 sq mtrs of fixed wind outlets fitted into back wall
    • White LED floodlights on main stage, these are built into the main trussing system
    • Branding sites
    • Wind Anemometer with visual/sound/flashing lights warning systems, includes advisory notice board
    • Confirmation pack
    • Health and Safety documents, these can be found on our website in pdf format
    • £10million public liability insurance.
    • 5kva on board generator, runs on LPG, used for running our hydraulics & work lights
    • 6 heavy duty hydraulic landing legs, used for levelling of the stage on uneven ground
    • Main stage area is 10m wide x 8m deep
    • Frontage width is 16m including both standard PA wings
    • Deck height from ground is 1.5m
    • Trim height is 4.85m (deck to underside of truss)
    • Overall height with branding header board is 7.2m (ground to top of roof including branding header board)

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      We understand branding is an important part of your event, you need to support your sponsors & your event image with a professional look. Our stages are designed for branding, with high quality mounting positions. We recommend branding specialists Sunbaba at or tel 01638 507684 for the production of branding to fit our stages, they keep all the sizes & fittings on file. However, you may of course use your own preferred supplier, or it maybe you do not require branding at all

      A. Header board 11m wide x 1m high
      B. Back wall 7m wide x 3m high
      C. Front of stage deck skirt 16m wide x 1.4m high
      D. Drop banner 0.8m wide x 4m high
      E. PA scrim 2.6m wide x 4.7m high

      On arrival there must be adequate access to the venues gateway from the road for an articulated vehicle. If necessary, the event organiser shall provide personnel to control traffic/general public during this manoeuvre.

      Both outside and within the venue our vehicles need a minimum clearance of 4.3m height and 2.8m width for access to the designated Stage Area. Therefore any trees, overhead structures or cables should be taken into consideration.

      Any weight limits within the venue that are likely to be encountered, especially bridges or manhole covers, need to be sufficient for the 27 tonne max weight of the DS100. This is evenly distributed between four axles and is comprised of 20 tonne for the stage and 7 tonne for the tractor unit.

      The presence of any steep slopes within the venue that have to be traversed on route to the Stage Area, or any that are within the Stage Area itself must be discussed with Daytona prior to the event. If either party has any reservations a site visit may have to be carried out.

      The area where the stage is to be erected must be enclosed by security barriers, and or security personnel to provide a safe working area before and after the event.

      The minimum floor space required for the DS100 is 17m x 11m with PA Wings and 7m of headroom. Extra space to front of stage if Pit Barriers are used. Note: These measurements are for the stage only. There also has to be provision made for the tractor unit that pulls the stage. This will need room to manoeuvre the stage into position and then un-hitch.

      The versatility of the DS100 is such that it can be erected on a variety of surfaces including grass, however, if the ground is too soft, the tractor unit will be at risk of bogging down while towing the stage into position. In such circumstances it is at the discretion of the driver as to whether or not to drive onto the grass. If the decision is made to go ahead, it is the responsibility of the organiser to provide any towing/tracking aides as necessary both on arrival and at time of departure.

      Daytona Options including Sound & Lighting

      We have additional options which can be added to your stage order. These include front of stage pit barriers, drum risers, extra
      decks, which can be added to the front of stage to form catwalks or extensions, etc. Currently we do not offer sound and lighting packages but our preferred supplier is Event Sound & Light Ltd, who know exactly what sound and lighting requirements are needed for each of our stages. Please visit their website at or call their sales team direct on 01245 863863. However, we are happy to work with your own preferred supplier if required.