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    The DS60 stages are our most popular mobile stage system. Built to exacting standards the DS60 stages are ‘best in class’. The DS60 is an ultra strong heavy duty stage that uses the best quality build materials throughout, all of which conform to the highest health and safety standards.

    As with all Daytona stages the DS60 is highly flexible and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of customer requirements. Though what makes this stage so well-liked by our customers is the fact that it can adapt to its surroundings, fitting easily into tight areas making the most of the space available. At 14m wide including the PA wings, with a 10m wide and 6m deep stage, the DS60 has a commanding presence in any event situation. However, should you find that your stage space is not quite large enough the DS60 mobile stage system can, without compromise, reduce its width to 11.5m by incorporating narrower PA wings plus you also have the option to stack or fly the PA depending on your individual circumstances. Another benefit to the DS60 stage is that it is fitted with hydraulic legs, so if your event space has uneven ground the stage can be easily adjusted to ensure the platform is dead level.

    All our stage systems have the ability to be branded according to your specific requirements and the DS60 is no exception; you can brand the stage as little or as much as you like.

    Cost is a significant part of any event, which is another reason why the DS60 stage is so popular; it has a short 2 hour build time and only takes 1 hour to breakdown. This means if you are organising a one-day event you only need to pay for a one day hire as we can build and breakdown the stage on the day of your event whatever the timings involved!

    DS60 The Standard Package

    We’ve put together a comprehensive package that will be suitable for most events, to help your decision making easier. However, don’t forget you can add to your package by selecting from our range of options.

    The Standard Package Includes:

    • DS60 mobile stage unit
    • Set up & breakdown by fully trained Daytona personnel
    • 2m wide integrated PA wings, with back wall and side handrail, also built in tie down points
    • Optional flying points for Line Array, will carry up to 750kgs each side (no extra charge)(special request)
    • Partly covered back stage area
    • One set of steps and platform including handrails to back stage area
    • One set of optional steps with handrails to front of stage, can be mounted left, middle or right (no extra charge)(special request)
    • Full heavy duty truss system on main stage
    • Acoustic best quality drapes to back and side walls on main stage
    • White lights on main stage (3 x 150watt sodium lights) these are built into the main trussing system
    • White lights to back stage area
    • Wind Anemometer with visual/sound/flashing lights warning systems, includes advisory notice board
    • Confirmation pack
    • Branding sites
    • Optional branding scrim area in front of PA wings (no extra charge) (special request) (can only be used with stacked PA)
    • Electrical distribution area
    • Health and Safety documents, these can be found on our website in pdf format
    • £10million public liability insurance.
    • 5kva on board generator, runs on LPG, used for running our hydraulics & work lights
    • 4 heavy duty hydraulic landing legs, used for levelling of the stage on uneven ground